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Women’s Walking Boots

Tough, durable and stylish, our range of Regatta and Lomer hiking boots for women are designed to provide you with the comfort and protection you need for tackling the wilderness with ease. From lengthy treks to steep hikes, our lightweight hiking boots deliver the support your feet require– all while staying stylish.

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Because our women’s walking boots are more than just comfortable and protective, they’re stylish too. Our wide selection includes traditional women’s black walking boots as well as neutral grey and brown variations – perfect for walkers wanting to go for the traditional look. For those who want something a little more vivid, our ladies’ hiking boots also come in more vibrant hues of blue, pink, red and purple to really make a statement.


For even the most experienced walkers, a tough, sturdy shoe is essential. All our walking boots for women are made to the highest quality to ensure that your feet stay comfortable and protected, no matter your excursion. From walking the hills to tackling even the toughest terrain – our ladies’ hiking boots are constructed to care for your feet.

Made from tough, durable materials including leather, rubber and Isotex meshing, the exterior of our ladies’ walking boots is designed to keep you dry and protected. Shock absorbent technology in the heels also keeps your soles safeguarded from uneven ground and is designed to help prevent fatigue on longer walks.

Lightweight soles mean that your feet won’t suffer from being weighed down, while deep padding in the collar and tongue ensures your feet stay comfortable all day long. Regardless of your hiking needs – you’ll stay comfortable and protected with women’s walking boots from Hawkshead.

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