Provide your feet and joints with extra support and pick up a pair of insoles from Hawkshead. With a range of breathable insoles for walking shoes and other footwear available, ensure the comfort of your feet with our cushion insoles.

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Extend the lifespan of your shoes and maintain your performance when hiking with a pair of cushion insoles. A variety of men’s, women’s and unisex insoles are available on our website. With a cushioning foam base and breathable technology, they’re the ideal companion for any outdoor adventure.

Our insoles for walking shoes can improve your comfort and alignment, reducing your rate of fatigue and keeping you on track when you’re out exploring.


Superfeet insoles offer a long-lasting solution for comfort by cushioning the feet to help with natural shock absorption. The odor-control coating eliminates any bacteria that may leave a scent after a long day outdoors, whilst the contoured shape of the insole stabilises and supports the foot well.

Treat your feet on your next outdoor adventure with a pair of our cushion insoles.

Looking for more? Keep the spring in your step with our men’s footwear or women’s footwear, for the ultimate level of comfort on your next hike.