Protect your hands from the cold with a pair of our walking gloves. Whether you’re hiking up a white mountain, making your way through an icy trek or even just playing in the snow at home, a pair of winter gloves will help keep your hands feeling warm and toasty.

Browse a variety of styles and colours, from knit gloves to ski gloves, today.


We use our hands every day for all kinds of tasks and activities, so keeping them protected is vital. Alongside a range of knit gloves, we offer a varitey of waterproof gloves to protect your hands from the wet weather and snow. So you can make as many snowmen as you want, without sacrificing your hands. With an adjustable cuff, you can forget worrying about the cold and focus on having fun!

Whether you’re looking for walking gloves to help you complete your outdoor activities and sports, or you’re simply looking to warm your hands up in the winter, we offer a range of suitable winter gloves for all occasions. Our selection of softshell gloves are suitable across all seasons, helping protect against the wind and cold, whilst the stretch fabric allows for agility.

Pair our walking gloves with one of our winter scarves to help you build the ultimate winter adventure wardrobe.