At Hawkshead, we have a fantastic selection of walking poles designed for all outdoor adventures. Take your pick from our range of ultra-light, shock absorbing and compact trekking poles designed for comfort and durability. For popular brands like Craghoppers, buy walking poles at Hawkshead today.

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Stay supported on your next hike with a high quality walking pole from Hawkshead. Hiking sticks provide the additional support and stability you need so that you can stay focused on the views around you, rather than your balancing abilities.

Our lightweight walkingpoles are perfect for any travel adventure, as they make sure that your body stays supported and your feet remain level, even on the toughest terrains. Quickly adjust the height of your walking pole with an easy-to-use lever lock adjustment to make sure it’s at the right level of height and comfort for you.

Not only do hiking sticks improve your balance by essentially providing you with two extra legs, they’re also ideal for clearing your path of overbearing branches and bushes, as well as testing the depths of holes and puddles.