Craghoppers’ NosiLife technology is built into our versatile outdoor clothing, offering a simple solution to pesky insect bites and creepy crawlies in warmer weather. Designed and made for travel and adventure, the range of anti-insect clothing is also equipped with moisture wicking technologies that help to keep you cool and comfortable while you’re on the move. With the right clothing, you’ll be ready for any adventure. Harmless to you but less pleasant for biting insects, our anti-insect trousers and shirts for men are the best way to stay shielded, with treatment that lasts the lifetime of the garment.

Cover your backs, literally and figuratively, with anti-insect clothing for all warmer climate adventures. With a range of products to choose from, including t-shirts, jackets and trousers. Wear throughout the day for a more casual look, or opt for a shirt for a smarter choice in the evening. Our men’s anti-insect clothing is ideal for day-to-day activities.

Looking for protection against the winter weather, too? Check out our range of men’s insulated jackets to lock out the cold.

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