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Best Kids’ Coats For The New School Year

Every parent understands the stress when they realise the new school year is just around the corner. All the different items to buy, the haircuts to schedule and upside down sleeping patterns to sort out. And one of the most important things on the to-do list is buying the kids school coats. With so many different types to choose from, it can be tricky trying to get your head around which are the best kids’ coats for your little ones. But don’t fear! We’ve created a guide on choosing both boys and girls’ outdoor coats to ensure you get the most out of your money. Find out more below.

How to choose the best kids’ coats for your little ones

Wondering where to start? There are a number of different factors to consider when purchasing the best kids’ coats for your children. Number one, the weather. If the climate is anything like the UK, you’ll most likely want to get a jacket that can withstand a bit of rain. Number two, activities. Do you walk to school with your kids? Do they take part in after school activities? Invest in a jacket that is multi-functional and versatile. Number three, durability. If your child likes to be active on the playground (and frequently scuffs their uniform) make sure to choose a jacket that is lightweight yet durable. We’ll delve into the different types of kids’ school coats you can buy, below.

Keep them covered from the rain in a kids’ waterproof jacket

First up is your classic waterproof jacket. An essential in any Brit’s wardrobe, whether you’re a child or fully grown, spending money on a quality rain jacket is a great way to guarantee you get your money’s worth. Even during the summer months, you can expect regular rain showers. Which is why a kids’ waterproof jacket is one of the best kids’ coats you can buy for the new school year – especially when they can wear it on autumnal family walks too! And if you opt for one with zipped pockets, your little ones can safely stow away all of the treasures they’ve found during the day.

Choose from some of the warmest kids’ coats for winter

Next up, we have the warmest kids’ coats made for insulation and retaining body heat. Perfect for playground fun even in the depths of winter, a kids’ insulated jacket is a necessity for the colder months. Wrap them up as snug as a bug for those frosty morning walks to school, where a cosy, soft inner lining will ensure their comfort and a showerproof outer will keep out the rain. But an insulated kids’ school coat doesn’t mean they can’t move around. Our jackets are designed with a stretch fabric, so they don’t feel restricted while exploring!

Discover the best lightweight kids’ school coats for the warmer months

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have to consider those warm summer days spent on the school field. Although it may be warm at lunchtime, the temperature could have dropped a great deal by home time. To combat this, one of the best kids’ coats you can choose is a lightweight, schoolbag friendly option. And available in a selection of funky patterns and prints, your kids can rock up to the school gates feeling comfortable and cool.
And there you have it! Our guide to the best kids’ coats out there. Ready to get your little one’s sorted for the new academic year? Be sure to order kids’ jackets that are perfect for your little ones from Hawkshead today. Got a staycation planned before school starts again? Make sure your children are kitted out for a fun time with our guide on how to choose the best kids’ beachwear.

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