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Garden Camping with the Kids

Mum and dad arriving at a family festival with tent and picnic basket

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, we know that your treasured holidays may well have been postponed for the moment. At Hawkshead, we want to make this time a little bit easier, and while you might not be able to go camping in the great outdoors as planned, you can still make memories in your own house.

So the little ones don’t feel as though they’re missing out this year (and so you can have a little fun too), here’s a few tips on garden camping with the kids.

I want to camp in my garden with the kids, where do I start?

Well first things first, have you got what you need for a night in the relative wilderness? Whether you live in an urban area with a modest back garden or you’re lucky enough to have acres of land at your disposal, you’ll need to be prepared for the elements all the same. While we know the weather in the UK isn’t always the most favourable (unless you’re a duck!), with the right equipment it doesn’t have to rain off your backyard escapade. Find our suggested back garden camping equipment list below:

Back garden camping equipment list

Some basics you’ll need for camping in the garden:

• A weather-proof camping tent with enough space for all of your campers – be they big or small
• Snuggly sleeping bags for each overnight sleeper
• Comfy roll mats (because the ground may be hard and most likely, a little damp!)
• Alternatively, camping beds if your children are a slightly older and the ground isn’t quite as appealing
• Pillows, torches and a selection of camping accessories depending on how long you’re braving the outdoors
• Insulated coats and clothing
• Depending on the time of year, gloves, scarves and hats

Don’t forget the snacks, drinks and games too!

Garden camping ideas for the little ones

Want to make your back garden camping trip a touch more exciting for your smallest recruits? Why not make a game out of it?!

Some great activities for while you’re in the garden camping include:

• Search for and identifying wildflowers or plants – find out how in our handy guide to wildflowers.
• Sing camp songs or rhymes including ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ ‘Saints go marching’ and ‘Yellow submarine’. If your campers are older, try playing repetition word games or ‘follow the leader’ rhythmic games.
• Organise a mini scavenger hunt. Make this as easy (or as difficult) as you’d like.
• Create artwork with leaves, twigs and stones you find in the garden. Make it a competition for the most unusual ideas!
• Watch out for creatures who come to visit you during your stay – learn who’s who with our guide to garden wildlife.
• Take crayons and paper for some crayon rubbing. Find fun textures, leaves and surfaces to trace onto paper to save for later.
• Story time! Tell funny or spooky stories and vote on the most imaginative performance.
• Put on a show. Let the kids grab props and costumes from the house and put on a show for the rest of the family. You can even invite the dog!
• Make hot chocolates in flasks. Bonus points for whipped cream and marshmallows.

Garden camping top tips

• Try to pick a night of milder weather. Not always an easy task in the UK, but it’s best to check the forecast before your outdoor adventure. If it’s going to be really wet or windy, it might be wise to postpone your camping extravaganza for a day…no one wants to be chasing a loose tent down the road at 2am.
• Keep the back door accessible. It sounds obvious, but you might be surprised how many times you’ll need to pop back inside for a toilet break.
• Take extra supplies out with you. Whatever you might need more of, whether that is blankets, pillows or drinks.
• Make it fun! Bedtime, what’s that?! Remember, to have fun and enjoy the family time!

Grab everything you need for camping in the garden (and beyond) from Hawkshead

From outdoor clothing for men, women and kids to outdoor accessories, make sure you’ve got what you need for the next time you’re out and about exploring.

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