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How To Choose The Best Kids’ Beachwear

Are your kids natural water babies? Or are they a little unsure of swimming? Either way, the swimwear you choose for them could make a lot of difference. That’s why we’ve put together a guide on choosing the best kids’ swimwear, from everything you need to consider before buying to the different options available.

What to consider when buying beachwear for kids

Although kids’ beachwear needs to be durable and versatile, there are a few key factors to think about if you want to get the most out of your adventure. The location, time of year and activity are all essential things to consider before investing in some new kids’ beachwear.

1. Location

Indoor swimming. Whether it’s school swimming lessons or Saturday afternoons at the local leisure centre, indoor swimming doesn’t require the same level protection as swimming outdoors. Which is why you can buy kids’ swimwear perfect for just that. A standard swimming costume or pair of swimming briefs will provide the right level or comfort and freedom of movement for your kids to splash around and have some fun!

Outdoor swimming. Outdoor swimming on the other hand is a different ball game. From family trips to the beach to surfing or swimming lessons in the sea – make sure you choose the best kids’ swimwear for the job. For fun days at the seaside, more casual kids’ beachwear is appropriate (if they’re just paddling along the shore or dipping their toes in the river). For more high-intensity days, choose a kids’ swim top with long sleeves for a little added protection.

2. Time of year and weather conditions

In the summer months, your children can get away with having fun outdoors in most types of beachwear for kids. Having said this, the sun’s UV rays are even more powerful during the summer months, and if your little ones are out in the water all day, you’ll want to prevent them from getting sunburnt as much as you can. So one of the best types of children’s beachwear you can buy for summer is kids’ UV beachwear.
If the temperature is a little bit cooler and the sun is hiding behind clouds, your kids will need beachwear that offers more warmth and insulating qualities. So instead of just reaching for the classic pair of trunks or swimsuit, find a kids’ wetsuit to wear over the top.

3. Activity

Swimming lessons. If your little ones attend regular swimming classes, you may want to invest in kids’ swimwear that you know will last. Choose a swimming costume or a pair of swimming briefs with plenty of elastane, so they can move freely and comfortably in the water without their swimwear restricting them.

Surfing lessons. If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, your children might take surfing lessons out at the beach. In that case, you’ll want to invest in kids’ beachwear that is both protective and comfortable. Choose a quality kids’ wetsuit for when they’re out in the water and a rash suit for when they’re relaxing on the beach afterwards.

Rock-pooling. There’s nothing better than exploring rockpools at the beach with your young family. Although they might not actually get in the pools, be sure to get some kids’ sandals that are water friendly, so they can dip their feet in without worry.

Choose the best kids’ swimwear for you little ones from Hawkshead

Planning ahead for your future family adventures? Be prepared for any eventuality by choosing the best kids’ swimwear for your trip. Whether you’re heading to the Lake District or the Cornwall coast, make sure your little ones feel comfy and cool in our kids’ swimwear collection. Be super organised in advance and use our ultimate family walking holiday checklist before you set off.

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