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How to Keep Warm Using the Layering System

Store Manager Brendan's Guide to the Layering System

Brendan’s Guide to Using the Layering System

We caught up with our Dalton Park Store Manager, Brendan, for some tips on how to keep warm when you are exploring the wonderful outdoors by ensuring you wear the right number of layers underneath your jacket. This is commonly known as the Layering System.

Being too hot or cold can turn any day out into a nightmare. No matter what time of year it is, you should always have a good variety of clothing to anticipate any weather you may face, either to stay warm or cool down. No one wants to carry too much, but in a lot of cases we carry too little. Let’s start with…


Man hiking in the Peak District wearing Regatta Jacket

Wearing the right number of layers is the best way to keep warm.

Base Layers

The first layer, the closest to the skin is essential for wicking sweat from the body. This prevents cooling through evaporation on the skin and maintains a nice temperature around your body. This layer also helps to prevent a build of of moisture in the clothing you’re wearing which helps you stay warm and comfortable in cold weather, again preventing overheating.

Mid Layer

Aka ‘the cuddle layer’! (Our favourite layer!). This layer should be fleece, alpaca or down layer. This layer should also promote moisture wicking and work alongside your base layer to help control moisture in your clothing and maintain body heat.

Outer Layer

This is your final layer of defense against the weather. This layer should be fully waterproof, windproof and breathable, again working alongside your inner layers to wick and breathe. This layering system can certainly be used on legs as well as torso, and I’m sure we can agree between Regatta, Dare2b and Craghoppers, there’s plenty to choose from and hundreds of combinations to suit all activities and personalities.


These not only add character to your outfit but are very important to overall comfort. Hats, gloves, scarfs, gaiters or walking poles – the list goes on and on.

Brendan, Store Manager – Dalton Park

Check out our wonderful range of base layers, mid layers and waterproof jackets here, or in-store.

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