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Nature Activities For Kids To Try This Spring

With fewer options than ever for activities to entertain your kids, deciding what to do at the weekend can be a pretty difficult task. But the answer is simple. Just pop your little ones in a raincoat, a cosy fleece and some walking boots and get outside! Exploring the outdoors is a great way for your children to learn more about nature, while also blowing off some steam.

Wondering where to get started? Check out our nature activities for kids for the whole family to try this spring.

5 Wildlife Activities for Children

1. Get to know the garden birds

Nature activities for kids

Getting outside doesn’t always mean you have to trail far. If you own outdoor space, this is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with your local wildlife. Often overlooked by little ones, why not teach them about the birds that frequent your garden? Whether you’re saying hello to the big, bumbling pigeons or you’re lucky enough to be visited by a woodpecker, bird spotting is a relaxing but fun nature activity for the whole family. Read our Kids’ Guide To: The Most Common Garden Birds to get clued up on the basics!

2. Head on a nature scavenger hunt

Children’s wildlife activities

For a real adventure, head on a nature scavenger hunt. Whether you make your way to the nearest woodland, lake, river or beach, there’s plenty for you to explore and learn about as long as you’re out in nature. Spring activities for kids like this do take a bit of planning, so make sure you know where you’re headed, the route you’ll be walking along, the sorts of wildlife you’re looking for and remember to take some drinks and snacks! For further guidance and inspiration on this, consult our guide to creating the Ultimate Nature Scavenger Hunt For Kids.

3. Get crafty with nature

Nature crafts for kids

Another great way for your little ones to get immersed in the outdoors is to create some nature crafts for kids. This activity comes in two parts: gathering your supplies and getting crafty. Here are some great items to look out for:

• Crunchy, crisp leaves
• Weeds with colourful flowers
• Twigs
• Interesting rocks and pebbles
• Acorns
• Conkers
• Shells

You can incorporate these into some spring nature crafts like jewellery, paintings, sculptures or even painting the objects themselves!

4. Head on a garden camping adventure

 Camping in the garden

Who said camping couldn’t be done in your back garden? For a last minute adventure, your kids will love spending a night under the stars. Try roasting marshmallows over the barbecue for a real authentic camping experience. And listen out for different nature sounds, whether it’s the buzz of insects or birdsong – this will help to get the kids in tune with their senses.

5. Try spring flower pressing

Spring nature crafts

Another one of the most popular spring nature crafts is flower pressing. All you’ll need is a simple book, something heavy to place on top, paper and a variety of petals, flowers and leaves. Just make sure to press them straight away to avoid them wilting! And to get the best effect, remember to place the flower head face down on the paper.

The hard bit? Waiting two to three weeks for them to press and dry. Although once you’re done, your little ones can build on their collection or even use them in their crafts. A lesson in deferred gratification and the natural world – win-win!

Feeling inspired to try some of the nature activities for kids listed above? Whatever option you go for, we hope your pint-sized explorers will continue to love the great outdoors as much as we do. Just make sure you’re all prepped and ready for adventure with kids’ outdoor clothing from Hawkshead.

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