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Regatta Hilo 300 Sleeping Bag Product Review

Winter Camping

Winter Camping in the Regatta Hilo 300 Sleeping Bag

Some may say that camping at this time of year is only for the bravehearted. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

Our Dalton Park Store Manager Brendan picked up a Regatta Hilo 300 Sleeping bag and decided to give winter camping a go. Here’s what happened…

The Regatta Hilo 300 Sleeping Bag

This month I’ve been out testing our Hilo 300 sleeping bag along with our Napa ultra lite mat and boy were they tested as this was the view from my tent for the final two days. At this time of year poor quality sleeping bags can let you down, some can insulate and some can breathe not many that sit at our price point can do both. I wanted to test the Hilo against a similar priced bag from another outlet store (they who must not be named) to see how both coped with cold weather.

Night one.

No snow: both bags handles this well the only difference so far was the zipper quality and and the feel of the inside of the bags ours had a softer feel and was definitely more comfortable and well thought out.

Night two.

Heavy snow -5:  This weather showed the competitors bag for what it is, a poorly thought out design and construction, the bag did not breathe which ended with frost building up on the inside of the bag, which if not remedied could have ended up being very dangerous.Our Hilo 300 coped with this all very well, all moisture ended up on the outside of the bag frosted over but maintained a dry warm inner and a toasty Brendan.

Dalton Park Store Manager Brendan braved the cold in his Hilo 300 Sleeping Bag!

Dalton Park Store Manager Brendan braved the cold in his Regatta Hilo 300 Sleeping Bag!

In conclusion in the brand we trust. Similar priced bags will not stand up to our bags, with their internal baffles, hollow fibres, rip stop outer fabrics and brushed polyester inners these bags can do what they say on the stuff sack and more. So sell in the confidence that our performance ratings are what they are and get out yourselves and enjoy the winter!

Check out the Regatta Hilo range here.

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