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Hawkshead’s Tent Buying Guide

Lets talk about tents baby, lets talk about you and me, lets talk about all the good things and the bad things… lets talk about TENTS! Our wonderful Dalton Park Store Manager, Brendan, is back on the scene with yet another handy product review. You guessed it, this week it’s tents! Over to you Brendan.

Sleeping in a tent under the stars listening to the wind and animals outside is sheer bliss to me. One man, two man, three man, four, one door, two doors, sit mats more.

Our Favourite Tents of 2017

Regatta’s camping range has grown – and continues to grow – making sure all of us keen campers have what we need, but also making camping that much more enjoyable for all the family. Tents come in all shapes and sizes, some are great for longer family camping trips, other tents are smaller and compact designed for festivals, or two night micro adventures!

Walking the west Highland Way with a friend?

Regatta Halin Tent

Our Hailin 2 tent at 2.75kg is the perfect home away from home. The low slung design and high hydrostatic ratings ensure high winds and blasting rain will not bother you in this tent at all, I have used this tent in 50mph winds and rain at Loch Leven and I can say it was perfect, moving and swaying but holding firm as a good lightweight point 214 tent from us should. (That day it got the nickname ‘the limpet!’). This can be found in-store.

Perfect for Festivals – The Zeefest 2.

Regatta Zeefest 2 Man Festival Tent

Festival season is here, and this year we have a new tent, the Zeefest 2! This is a basic tent but a step above most basic tents at this price. It’s specially designed for festival use but can be used in any other camping situation. Please check out this tent and the price point it sits at – this is a total bargain has been a huge hit in-store!

The Big Ones – AKA The Mansions.

Regatta Vanern 4 Man Family Tunnel Tent

We offer two types of 4 and 6 man tents. The Vanern – tunnel design with both bedrooms at the back of the tent followed by a living area, which is spacious and has large windows to bring the outside in. A covered canopy area allows you to enjoy the outside whilst staying protected from wind rain or the sun.

Regatta Atlin 6 Man Vis-A-Vis Tent

The Atlin 6 is a dome style tent with separated bedrooms at each end of the tent to give the occupants a little privacy. This tent also has a large spacious living area and both tents offer cable entry, high waterproof ratings and quick pitch times.

We hope you have enjoyed reading a short run-down of our favourite Regatta Tents. Remember, we have lots more camping equipment and accessories online and in-store. Happy Camping!

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