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The Ultimate Family Walking Holiday Checklist

Family walking in woods with dog.

Planning a family walking holiday? wherever you’re heading to, make sure the whole family is organised and ready for a great holiday. Tick off your hiking checklist with all of the walking holiday essentials including kids’ hiking gear and walking essentials.

Family Walking Holidays

Before jumping straight in the car, you’ll need more than just your hiking boots. Use our handy hiking trip packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything before your family adventure.

Kids’ Hiking Gear and Family Walking Essentials

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be, especially in Britain! From deceivingly deep and muddy puddles to the difficulties of keeping warm in the cold British weather, make sure you know what to wear hiking. Don’t forget to pack these important items to keep warm on your family walking holidays:

• Tent: It’s a good idea to go tent shopping well in advance to find the right type and size of tent that’s suitable and fits the whole family. A good tent can last years and the last thing you want is unhappy campers.

• Plenty of hiking clothes for everyone: Walking trousers and sensible tops are an absolute must – go for light layers that can be easily taken off when the sun decides to show up.

• Warm layers and jackets: Make sure everyone has warm layers and a sensible men’s or women’s waterproof jacket.

• Walking boots or shoes: Practical walking footwear will keep your family’s feet protected, and reduce complaints the little ones.

Thick socks: Another great way to keep feet safe, snug and blister free.

• Rucksack: perfect for storing spare layers, accessories and snacks when you’re out hiking.

Kids jumping over logs in woods wearing Regatta outdoor clothing.
Emergency Items
Don’t cast this part aside. Better to be safe than sorry and check them off your list:

• Sun protection: Not just sun cream, you’ll need sunglasses, sun hats and lip balms to be completely protected.
• Pen knife and rope: Just in case you find yourself in an emergency situation.

• Plasters, medications and insect repellent: Particularly if you’re going for a longer walking trip that includes camping. It’s easier than you think for those pesky mosquitoes to attack.

• Map: Why not also purchase a waterproof map holder too? That way your map won’t get wet and unreadable.

• Emergency contact details: If you’re new to the area, then make sure you look up some nearby B&Bs as well as local towns and villages. The last thing you want is to be stranded on a hike in an emergency with no idea of the closest pitstop! And of course, take a fully charged phone with you, just in case.

Food and Drink
You’ll need to refuel those hungry hikers when you and your family after a day of walking, so be organised and tick off the following:

• Treats for the kids: By smartly packing some of their favourite snacks, you’ll be sure to keep everyone happy.

• Refillable water bottles: Even if the UK countryside doesn’t stump up some sunshine, it’s important to stay hydrated as you hike.

• Meal prep: The last thing you’ll want to do when you reach the finish line of your big family hike is spend hours cooking something from scratch. Prepare some substantial meals before you go, and you’re good to go – no time wasted for those precious family memories.

• Matches or a lighter: let’s face it – trying to light a fire with flint just won’t cut it!

• Camping cooker: This will make life easy when it comes to heating up your prepared dishes and you can just keep it safely in the boot of your car until meal time after your family walking trip.

Walking Essentials and Family Hiking Gear

For those last-minute bits and pieces that easily get forgotten but are just as important as the rest. Fear not, here are the final essentials for your hiking equipment list:

• Spare batteries and torch: If your hike runs into the early evening, you might need some artificial light to guide you safely back to camp.

• Camera: Not perhaps the most obvious choice for essential walking gear, but if you can pack one safely for your travels, you’ll be able to take some snapshots of your family walking holiday with your children smiling in their warm kids’ hiking gear.

• Hiking fun for the kids: Why not add some creativity to your family walking holidays? Try organising a mini quest or adventure. Encourage your little ones to explore nature with some entertaining outdoor treasure hunt with some chocolate prizes too.
Now, you’re set to go. With your family walking holiday checklist, you know exactly what you need to take with you for a fun family holiday.

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