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How To Wash A Waterproof Jacket

Is your waterproof jacket in need of a little TLC? Is it not keeping you nice and dry like it used to? Discover everything you need to know about how to wash a waterproof jacket; from the care, repair, washing and drying, we’ve got you covered.

How To Wash Waterproof Jackets

1. Before you begin, make sure that all pockets are empty. Then, fasten the coat up, including all zips, and you’re ready to put it in the washing machine. Be sure to follow the care guidelines for your waterproof jacket on the label too.
2. Add your chosen washing detergent – for best results, use specific detergent for outdoor clothing. Stay away from fabric softeners: they can potentially damage the inner materials of your waterproof jacket and possibly make it less effective than it could be in the rain. Once this is done, simply wash your jacket on a low spin setting.
3. If needed, give your waterproof jacket a second spin to make sure all the washing detergent has been absorbed, and there’s none still on the outside of your jacket.
4. After the spin, hang up your waterproof jacket to dry.
5. Once your jacket has dried, put it in the tumble dryer for 20 minutes Tumble dry on low, following the care label instructions in your jacket. Putting your jacket in the tumble dryer helps to reactivate the outer waterproof layer, helping to keep you dry in damp conditions.
Now, your waterproof jacket is clean again and ready to protect you and keep you dry during your upcoming adventures.

How To Reproof Waterproof Jackets

Is your waterproof jacket no longer keeping you dry? You might need to give it a little help and re-waterproof the outer layer. Here’s how to reproof waterproof jackets:
Purchase a waterproof treating product. There’s a wide range of products that can reproof a waterproof jacket, including sprays and wash-in products. We would recommend using either:
• Waterproofing spray for jackets: if you choose to re-waterproof your jacket with a spray, simply hang up your jacket and spray it from about 15-20cm away. Wipe off any excess spray with a damp cloth, and allow it to dry naturally. We recommend you re-waterproof the shoulders, elbows, and any areas that are more likely to be exposed a second time to make it more effective.
• Wash in waterproofing: why not combine washing and waterproofing your jacket? Simply put the wash-in proofer into your machine (follow the guidlines from the bottle) and wash it on a 30-degree cycle. Once it’s been washed, put it in the tumble dryer to reactivate it.
Give your waterproof jackets a new lease of life, bringing the materials and fibres that keep you dry from the showers back to life.

How Long Should Waterproof Jackets Last?

It really depends on how often you wear and care for your waterproof jacket in the rainy weather, as to how long it will continue to keep you dry.
• If you wear your jacket on a regular basis, it’s highly recommended to re-waterproof your jacket more often, possibly every 2 or 3 months, to encourage a longer life span.
• If you rarely wear your jacket, you may only need to repair it every 12 months, or maybe even every 18 months, to keep it in excellent condition.

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Make The Most Of Your Waterproof Jacket

Not all clothing will last forever, but with these top tips, tricks and handy processes, you now know how to wash waterproof jackets and all the important care that goes into making them last longer.
If you’re looking to invest in a brand new waterproof jacket, browse through our selection and order your own today.

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