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What Is Geocaching And How Does It Work?

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a massive treasure hunt powered by technology. By using a GPS device and a set of coordinates, you can find hidden geocaches (containers) around the world. There could be anything inside a geocache – it just depends on what the last person to discover it has left behind.

The idea of geocaching is that you replace this treasure with something of equal or greater value. Most geocaches contain things like notepads and items of small monetary value, but they are exciting and interesting to discover nonetheless. Currently, there are over 100,000 of these containers dotted all over the UK just waiting to be found. Geocaching is the perfect family activity all year round, so grab your walking boots and get ready for an adventure!

How Does Geocaching Work?

The first thing you need for Geocaching is a GPS device. These days, most smartphones have GPS features so you should be set to go! Next, head out to the geocache location of your choice. Need help deciding where to go? Visit the geocaching website, or you can download one of the many geocaching apps onto your smartphone. Once you know where you’re headed, you’ll need to know what to take with you…

What Do I Need For Geocaching?

Wondering what to take geocaching? Once you’ve sorted your GPS device for geocaching and know where you’re going, you will need to pack a few treasures. When you find a geocache container, someone will have placed a hidden treasure that you can either keep or pass on. Clothing wise, dress for the season. Stay prepared with waterproofs, fleece layers and a good pair of walking boots.

Family Geocaching

Looking for a way to gets outdoors and spend some time together as a family? Geocaching is a great family adventure. The beauty of geocaching is that it enables you to rediscover the beauty of the countryside on your doorstep, and go on a real life treasure hunt. Let their imaginations run wild as they seek out new treasures. As long as you already have a GPS device, it’s also absolutely free!

What Is A Geocache Container?

Geocache containers are generally plastic containers, spread across the world by other budding geocachers. Once you have located the area your geocache is in, now you’ve got to discover exactly where the plastic container has been hidden. Geochache containers are often masterfully disguised in the undergrowth, behind trees, and sometimes even underground! Once you have marked the location on your app as found, don’t forget to return it exactly to its previous position for the next intrepid adventurer to find!


What To Put In A Geocache Container

You will find all sorts of treasures or geocache swag, but what should you and your family leave? You could leave a mini board game for the next person to find and enjoy. Or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you could make some DIY creations such as keyrings or cool figurines. Whatever you decide to leave in the geocache container, note that people often prefer finding more personal treasures, rather than high-value pieces. The idea of finding a rare object in a geocache drives any budding treasure hunters to continue searching for prizes!

Where Are The Best Geocache Locations?

There are lots of geocache locations worldwide, there may well even be some right on your doorstep! Want to go further afield to find some great geocache treasure? You’re in luck, because there are some great places to go UK wide. If you’re organising a trip to the Lake District, then Wray Castle in Cumbria is a popular spot for your geocaching treasure hunt! Further south, Newark Park in Gloucestershire has 9 hidden several hidden geocaches: enough to keep you hunting for treasure all day long! For a Welsh adventure, why not check out the beautiful woods and valleys of Llanerchaeron, Ceredigion. Here you will find plenty of geocaches full of interesting treasures.

Inspired to head out on the hunt for treasure? We wish you the best of luck on your adventures! Don’t forget to bring along some warm and comfortable clothes for all your treasure hunting adventures.

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