Your Guide To Eco Friendly Holidays

Green Holidays

While travel may seem like a lifetime away, the day will come when we can all get our exploring hats on and start adventuring again. After the cease of international travel, the world has had a chance to heal. So when we can all get on our holidays again, many people will aim to travel as sustainably as possible in order to maintain the positive effects on the environment. So, where to start? Use our guide to eco friendly holidays to find out the best mode of transport for you, with the least impact on the environment.

Eco Friendly Modes Of Transport, Ranked

1. By Train

Arguably the most eco friendly mode of transport, travelling by train is a relaxing way to start and finish your green holiday. So what makes this method better than the rest? Trains offer one of the lowest levels of CO2 emissions per passenger and one of the highest maximum capacities for carrying passengers. What’s more, trains use one of the lowest amounts of fuel.

2. By Bus

In close second, travelling via bus is another great option. Much like train travel, buses also provide a low fuel consuming and low CO2 emission producing form of travel. Although they offer a smaller capacity than trains, buses are a viable, more sustainable travel alternative to shorter internal flights.

3. By Car

Thinking of taking a road trip? While cars offer a more eco friendly form of transport than flying, the small capacity of cars make it not quite as sustainable as the previous two options. For shorter trips or internal journeys with your family on staycations, travelling by car is an option. Just try to make sure you’re taking as many people as you can!

4. By Plane

And finally, the least environmentally friendly form of transport is travelling by plane. Often chosen for its speedy travel times and cheap tickets, if you want to go on more eco friendly holidays, you should avoid flying. The average CO2 emissions produced when travelling on a plane is almost four times higher than train or bus travel.

Eco Friendly Holiday Tips

Now you know the most eco friendly modes of travel, we’ll list some other top tips and tricks to help you make your future travels as sustainable as possible. Here are some points to consider:

  • Offset your carbon footprint. If you’ve found that you are left with little option but to travel via plane, something you can do is offset your carbon footprint. For more help with this, you can calculate your emissions with an online carbon footprint calculator and research the different ways you can offset any emissions produced while travelling by plane. Or for an easier option, try booking your flight through a search engine such as FlyGRN, who will offset any emissions by either planting trees or investing in solar power projects.
  • Consider eco friendly holiday destinations. One of the easiest ways to decide on an eco friendly holiday destination? Choose somewhere closer to home. Alternatively, you can research eco-tourism destinations where your money will help support local communities while having a low impact on the environment.
  • Be respectful. Take care of the local environment by sticking to pre-existing trails and don’t litter or remove any plants or animals. Also there may be different rules regarding sanitary waste, so be sure to educate yourself and dispose of them in the correct way.
  • Consider group size. Where possible, try and stick to smaller group sizes on any adventures you may head on to try and keep any environmental damage to a minimum.

And we’re done! We hope you use our guide to eco friendly holidays for your conscious trips in the future. Make sure you have all the kit you need for when you’re there and shop our men’s outdoor clothing and women’s outdoor clothing collections today.

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