At Hawkshead, you can find a range of kids’ outdoor socks from top brands like Regatta and Dare2b. Designed to keep your kids moving when you’re out and about. Browse the collection now and kit out your family for your next outdoor adventure.

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With a range of kids’ hiking socks available, we have the kit you need to take your adventure to the next level. Available in an array of colours and styles, there’s something for every quest.


Perfect for the winter months, our kids’ thick socks work hard to fight the cold. Whether you’re walking through the snow or hiking up chilly mountains, we have the kids’ thermal socks you need to keep you going.

Our kids’ ski socks are designed to keep feet warm when exploring snowy terrains. The reinforced toes and lightly ribbed cuffs provide extra support and comfort, taking away the worry of cold feet and leaving you to get stuck in to the skiing experience.

Pair with our kids’ hiking boots and fully prep for your outdoor adventures.